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Create and embed charts from Notion databases anywhere

About ChartBrick

ChartBrick allows you to visualize your data (from Notion or Airtable) as insightful charts and make it more understandable.

You can also download these charts as images and embed them in Notion pages, websites, or anywhere else.

Notion tool does not allow you to create charts, but now with ChartBrick, you can.

It also works with your data from Airtable.

Create charts using your databases from Notion and embed them anywhere

✅ Easy and no-code friendly. Create charts in seconds!

✅ 7 chart types: Column, bar, line, area, pie, donut, and radar

✅ Privacy first: We don’t store any of your data.

✅ Real-time: Generate your chart with the latest data.

Embed the charts along with your data for better understanding or embed them in a post on your blog. Embed anywhere.

If you prefer so, you can download the charts as images.

Get lifetime access to ChartBrick today!

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