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ChatGPT WordPress

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Automate content generation, answer queries, and so much more

About ChatGPT WordPress

Easily add the power of ChatGPT to your WordPress website!

When you upload this WordPress plugin to your website you can select between making the capabilities of ChatGPT available on the front end of your website, the backend admin, or both! What’s more? You could also make it available only to logged-in users!

Ask any query – Ask any questions that you have regardless of the topic & this plugin will guide you through it.

Generate content – Easily generate content & complete tasks or assignments; the solutions will be delivered instantly then you can copy and save it as well

Receive guidance – Get constant high-quality assistance to help you increase your productivity by 100x

The limitations of its use are limited to your own creativity.

The plugin’s ChatGPT version (free or Plus) is based on the user’s OpenAI account.

This plugin allows you to add a fully-functional chatbot to your website, providing your visitors with instant, accurate, and natural language responses.

It also enables you to improve your website’s search functionality, with the ability to understand natural language queries and return highly relevant results.

Enhance your website’s user experience and boost engagement with this WordPress plugin.

Get access to ChatGPT WordPress Plugin today!

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