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Citizen Remote

Last update 11 months ago

Enjoy the perks of remote work abroad

About Citizen Remote

Citizen Remote empowers remote workers to move abroad. The one and only resource you need to navigate the remote work and digital nomad lifestyle. With leading smart technology, Citizen Remote simplifies the visa process, finding a community, insurance, eSims, and more.

Relocating is risky. Stop the hassle. Simplify your travel with Citizen Remote.

Professional visa assistance from start to finish

  • Tech built specifically for a borderless remote citizen
  • Citizen Remote has a broad range of resources to assist with the exciting process of relocating to another country
  • Browse all remote work visas available to you around the world!

Verified & secured rental properties

  • Search for rent rooms, apartments & stay for months
  • Vast inventory of long-term accommodation rentals

Insured peace of mind during your adventure

  • Adjustable & affordable global health insurance
  • Check coverage and eligibility requirements here

A travel-oriented community to connect with on the go

  • Curated insights among a travel community.
  • Get the app (available for iOS or Android) and easily connect with other digital nomads
  • Find your crowd, your interests, and more.

Get lifetime access to Citizen Remote!

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