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About Collecta Giveaway

Organize images, bookmarks, and inspiration, all in a single space

Collecta is a single place for all your web artifacts, including images, gifs, links, and text.

Every Collector has a profile, but all the artifacts are private by default.

You can add artifacts to public collections—that way others will see artifacts that you have.

You can paste images, text, or links right into the web app.

Alternatively, you can also simply right-click on images with our Chrome/Arc browser extension installed!


1. Access the giveaway (View Deal)

2. Tell what you love about Collecta, ask questions, and/or suggest an improvement you would like to see! The team soon will be here to answer any questions.

3. Follow Us:

4. (OPTIONAL) If you find this post valuable, please share it with others or invite them to join the group.

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