Conduit AI Analyst

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Get insights and answers from your business data

About Conduit AI Analyst

When your data is scattered across multiple apps, getting business insights feels like you’re playing with a Magic 8-ball. (“*shakes screen* “Reply hazy, try again.”)

Since you’re using different types of tools to run your business, you need to figure out how to process all that info across platforms to make strategic decisions.

If only you had an AI copilot that could plug into live business data and answer any question in plain English.

Check out Conduit AI Analyst.

Conduit Ai Analyst helps you connect and analyze business data, translating it all into meaningful insights that drive growth.

Get insights and answers from your business data

Integrate over 500 different data sources from multiple categories, like accounting software, advertising platforms, and help desk tools.

Once you’re connected, you can import all that data to a Google Sheet and let Conduit AI Analyst conduct a deeper analysis.

The platform also supports multiple accounts per data source, which is perfect for agencies and large companies working with brands.

Take advantage of the ChatGPT-like interface and engage with your data in plain English instructions—no complex coding or prompting required!

With this tool, you’ll be able to leverage and analyze data across hundreds of apps to make better business decisions.

Get lifetime access to Conduit AI Analyst!

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