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Turn every facebook campaign into a 347% ROI

About ConnectExplore

What’s the most significant factor that dictates your Facebook ad cost and results?

One study from AdEspresso can help us figure this out.

They took the same exact ad, ran it to two different groups of people, using the same budget for each.

Here were the results:

  • Group One: $0.142 cost per website click.
  • Group Two: $0.03 cost per website click

The second ad campaign got 1,103 clicks vs. only 278 for the first.

That’s 4X the results!

What was the trick?

It wasn’t the AD. Neither was it the budget.

It was the audience.

This brings us to an important point: if you can’t target the right audience with 100% precision, you’re simply wasting your money.

But how can you target the right audience?

Well, you simply have to get a tool that will help you find the right interests to target.

This is important because 92% of marketers advertise on Facebook. That’s almost every single marketer.

All these marketers are targeting the same interests shown by Facebook and competing for the same audience.

When you target these interest groups, your cost per click will skyrocket and your results will fall by as much as 75%.

But when you use a Facebook interest tool, you can uncover highly profitable interest groups that are hidden to the general public…making your ads highly profitable.

But wait….

Not all Facebook interest tools are good. In fact, most of them show only about 50% of the hidden interest groups available.

That’s why a group of Facebook experts came together, took a look at all the Facebook interest tools available and discovered what is good and bad about them.

With this information, they developed the best Facebook interest tool the internet marketing world has ever seen.

It is called ConnectExplore!

This tool uses AI to uncover 100s of highly profitable interests Facebook has hidden from the general public – and which other similar tools can’t access.

These interest groups have no competition – so when you target them, your ads will become highly profitable.

Another thing that makes Connect Explore different from other tools it goes further to pre-analyze every interest to give you an insight as to how your ad will perform.

In other words, it finds untapped interests other tools can’t access and shows instant performance metrics of each & every interest

So there’s no guesswork, no split testing and no more days of wasting money on unprofitable campaigns.

That’s why those using ConnectExplore are reporting ROIs of 214%, 347% and even more.

Get ConnectExplore today!

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