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Nurture leads and build relationships with prospects

About Corefactors

It’s hard to grow your business when building relationships with prospects feels like you’re trying to keep a goldfish alive. (Hint: They both need regular feeding—just not the same kind.)

With so much on your plate, you don’t have time to craft individual emails and manage your team’s follow-up around the clock.

Wish you could automate the entire lead journey with a RevOps-enabling CRM—from prospecting to following up and collecting data—to drive more conversions?

Say hello to Corefactors.

Corefactors is a CRM platform that uses powerful automation and insights to streamline the lead journey and accelerate revenue growth.

Nurture leads and build relationships with prospects

With this RevOps enabling CRM, it’s a cinch to auto-capture leads from any source and manage them all from one platform.

Don’t worry about leads slipping through the cracks! You can integrate any lead-generating platform to capture leads with zero leakages.

Once you’ve got those leads, you’ll be able to keep data organized in the Lead Box without investing in multiple tools.

Send emails, SMS messages, WhatsApp texts, or even make direct calls to potential customers, all with just one click.

Get lifetime access to Corefactors!

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