Creativity 365

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Get 5 top content creation tools for mobile and desktop

About Creativity 365

Keeping all your work in order is tough, and it’s important to have the best tools to be as efficient and productive as possible, whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

Creativity 365 makes information gathering, content creation, and content publishing simple and efficient.

It is an all-access pass to the Kdan Creative App series including Animation Desk, Write-on Video, NoteLedge, Markup and Pocket Scanner.

It offers friendly and mobile services to meet the needs of individuals, educators, students, and corporate users alike.

Creativity 365 is available across multiple platforms and devices. Creativity 365 is a holistic content creative suite featuring:

Animation Desk

Create frame animations & cartoons with beautiful brushes, onion skin and animatic storyboards

Write-on Video

Build video outlines, make storyboards, edit & publish videos


Gather information, organize everything, & take notes with multimedia tools


Annotate web pages, PDF or ebooks, & share knowledge with teams

Pocket Scanner

Customize your scanned PDFs with solid editing tools


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