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Easily capture customer feedback to improve your user experience

About Crowd

Without the right tools, you’ll never understand what will keep users from ditching your products. (“I’m a UX researcher, not a mind reader!”)

When you’re already pouring loads of money into product development, you literally can’t afford to bet on random features or overlook clunky flows.

That’s why you need a platform that combines all the research and feedback tools your team needs to iterate and improve the user experience.

Say hello to Crowd.

Crowd is an all-in-one user research and feedback platform that helps you understand your users and drive growth.

Improve your user experience

Thanks to this tool, you’ll be able to set up unmoderated tests to gather user feedback on autopilot.

Choose from test templates for usability, design, and marketing to gather valuable user insights and iterate your products.

Or, you can build your own unmoderated test using surveys, card sorting, preference testing, and loads of other features.

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