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Design a dark version of your WordPress site

About Darklup

The dark mode is a new trend in web design! Meet Darklup Darklup helps your website visitors spend more time and provides an eye-pleasing reading experience.

Also, improve visibility for users with low vision and those who are sensitive to bright light.

Dark Switch Styles

Switch buttons of different styles are accessible in WP Dark Mode.

Various dark mode switch styles can display user to turn on-off the Night Mode

Ready to Use Dark Color Scheme

Change the Night Mode color immediately/instantly the predefined dressed color scheme.

This accessibility of color schema garnishes your website with an amazing look.

Define Custom Color

Our WP Dark Mode is available to provide a great feature custom color. Furnish the dark mode background text and color as your choice and improve your color customization.

Compatible with Elementor, Gutenberg, Divi and much more

In WP Night Mode, dark mode switches for Elementor and Gutenberg are obtainable.

You can access the Night Mode switch button on any page and post by using these switches.

Custom CSS Supported

If you eagerly want to customize your website by editing buttons, specific sections, form fields, or background color, then the custom CSS support feature in Night Mode Plugin for WordPress is available to allow for customizing your website with your preferred style.

Even More Stuff to Geek Out On

  • Automatic Mode
  • Re-positioning Switch
  • Remember Last Time Mode
  • Border Color
  • Image Opacity
  • Dark Mode Switch in Menu
  • Link Hover Color
  • Select Page Activation
  • Replace Logo in Dark Mode
  • Set Button Location
  • Backend Dark Mode
  • Exclude Elements


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