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Create ebooks & reports in minutes without writing a word

About Designrr

One of the most important parts of your marketing is your lead magnet.

This is simply because it draws the type of leads you want to your business.

Without an irresistible lead magnet, you can’t have a complete and effective sales funnel And you’ll find it hard to generate leads, sales or money.

Up to now! Meet Designrr! Designrr helps you create full-length quality visual lead magnets, including professional cover images and 3D covers all without paying expensive designers or outsourcing anything.

With Designrr, you will be able to create eBooks, Kindle books, Flipbooks and Blog posts from any content in just 2 minutes.

Whether you’re thinking of using eBooks as Lead Magnets OR you’ve always dreamed of publishing an eBook for Kindle or iBook- you NEED Designrr!


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