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Provide remote assistance to your clients in just 30 seconds

About DeskRoll

Whether you need to access your office computer or home machine, support remotely company infrastructure, provide remote assistance for your clients, and more, DeskRoll is here for you.

DeskRoll is a browser-based remote control, so you need just an HTML5-compliant browser. No plugins or apps – it’s all AJAX. Do remote support with any OS, including mobiles from anywhere.

Provide remote assistance to PC and Mac users. Reach your computers securely from any cafe or park.

DeskRoll is full-featured, reliable, and secure. Feel safe and be safe. More than 20,000 IT professionals worldwide trust DeskRoll due to its affordable pricing, easy configuration, and secure connection.

Provide Remote Assistance to Your Clients

Cross-platform remote desktop access

  • Do remote support with any OS, including mobiles from anywhere
  • Provide remote assistance to PC & Mac users
  • Reach your computers securely from any cafe or park

Web-based: no admin rights required

  • Work in your browser without client installation
  • Get easy secure remote access from any place & device
  • Forgot a file on your home computer? No problem, just connect and copy it with DeskRoll

Full-featured remote assistance access

View & control remote desktop, send files, use clipboard sync, keyboard shortcuts, built-in text chat, incoming support request notifications, and do much more

Reliable remote connection

  • It works through firewalls, proxies, & NAT
  • Access remote desktops regardless of your network infrastructure
  • No need to use VPN or proxy, and no need to open additional ports

Secure remote desktop management

Use mass & silent DeskRoll app deployment, share access to a computer with secondary accounts and user lists, check session logs, and keeps it secure with two-factor authentication

Unlimited computers & clients

Add unlimited remote computers and clients to your account

Detailed statistics

  • Download your session statistics to calculate your team’s work hours
  • Easily manage your clients & computers

Enhanced security

256-bit data encryption on a secured SSL data channel ensures safe remote desktop streaming

Get access to DeskRoll today!

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