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An AI-powered personal sidekick for any device

About DeskSense

DeskSense assists in solving problems, writing code, and amplifies your content creation, email replies, blog post, and social media journey.

Use built-in features to regenerate, and summarize for making it more meaningful and relevant.

Experience the power of OpenAI directly to your Browser through our Chrome Extension, Web App and Mobile App.

It has got it all – total word count, auto-complete, dark and light mode.

Plus, with the “add your own prompts” feature, you can train DeskSense to be your own personal assistant. The possibilities are limitless.

An AI-powered personal sidekick for any device

Just Hit “Ctrl + i” or “Cmd + i” from your Chrome browser to open DeskSense instantly on any website, or just select text from any website, click on the DeskSense Icon, and instantly get relevant answers to your questions related to the selected text.

Save your results as cards, edit it, add tags and notes. You can even share the saved cards through our web and mobile app.

It even tackles complex Excel formulas, crafts eloquent emails, and concocts social media posts that could make Hemingway jealous.

Plus, with word count, auto-complete, and an “add your own prompts” feature, you’ll feel like a genius wordsmith.


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