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Pre-qualified lead generation & cold email marketing platform

About dLeads

dLeads is Your One-Stop-Shop For Finding, Contacting & Closing Red-Hot Domain-Buyer Leads For Digital Marketing Services.

Website Makeover Snapshot Insight

Find websites that need a major overhaul in an instant.

This feature included in the app gives you pinpoint accuracy of which domains to target for your web design services and which ones to stay away from.

Perfect for being efficient and not wasting precious time on unqualified leads.

WordPress Check For Websites

Use this option to offer various services related to WordPress sites. Website overhauls, plugin clean-up, site optimization, and more.

Great for making fast cash and getting your foot in the door to offer higher ticket services later.

Mobile Responsiveness Check

We’ve already stated how having a responsive website is non-negotiable for businesses.

This option lets you check instantly to see if a website is mobile responsive.

Take advantage of this opportunity to help businesses with dLeads.


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