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Create professionally designed emails without hiring a designer

About Dragit

Do you believe in the saying “Change is the only thing that Never Changes”? There is one other thing that never changes.

You are going to send a lot of emails every week to your  customers/audience/subscribers, and that’s not gonna change.

Being a Marketer, Salesperson (or) a Business owner, you’ve your own list of people to reach out to every single day/week. 

And your emails must be professionally designed to inspire your audience, so they are gonna read through & take action.

Introducing Dragit Dragit is the simplest and fastest email editor to design your emails in just a few clicks.

Built on the latest web technologies and a powerful suite of features such as Drag & Drop editor, Font Manager, Image Manager, etc.,

Dragit helps you create high converting designs, eliminating the need for a designer. Write your content with the powerful text blocks & built-in WYSIWIG Editor.

With the built-in Font Manager, you can pick one of the Google Fonts (or) upload your own font in prior & choose it to compose your content.

The text block also enables you to change the font color, size, background color, line height, width, etc. according to your requirements.

Drag, Drop the image block & upload the images you would like to use in your emails. Alternatively, you can pick an image from the Millions of Free Stock images with a simple search in your account.

Dragit also has a built-in image editor which comes in handy to rotate, crop your images inside the editor.

You can then add your CTA buttons to your emails. All the designs created with Dragit are Mobile responsive.

You can preview your designs for Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile before you export the same to your email provider.


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