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A design library to get you 10x better organized

About Eagle

Better design research starts with Eagle

Store design mockups, illustrations, screenshots and more.

Browser Extension: Save images from any website. It’s even easier than it sounds.

Screenshot: Use Eagle to capture what inspires you.

Drag & drop: Drag and drop images from other apps.

Clipboard: A handy way to copy & paste any image you like.

Organize all your images logically

Use the power of Eagle to organize and tag your images, so you can quickly find them.

Tags: Add tags to any image, or a group of images, to find them faster.

Folders: Organize your images in folders.

Smart Folders: Organize and automatically filter images by name or tags.

Write down your thoughts: Annotate a specific area of an image. It’s like magic!

Find inspiration for your next design project

Looking for inspiration for your next design project? Search for images based on colors, image formats, etc.

Color Filter: Use color labels to sort and find your files.

Keywords Search: Search for tags, notes, and titles.

Advanced Filter: Search for images based on colors, image formats, etc.

Browse Your Files with Ease: You’ll love the simplicity of browsing through hundreds of categories.

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