Email Checkpoint

Last update 1 month ago

Real-time email verification for clean lists

About Email Checkpoint

Email marketing is only profitable if your list is filled with real people, not disposable accounts.

Fake, invalid, or temporary emails can harm your sending reputation and are frustrating to filter out.

Email Checkpoint is an AI-powered verification tool that prevents low-quality emails from cluttering your lists.

It detects fake and disposable emails, gathers data like email age and domains, and improves list quality.

Connect your forms to the API and start verifying email addresses right after signup.

Identify valid email addresses linked to real domains and distinguish between business and personal emails for better B2B outreach.

The tool automatically collects information such as email domains and eliminates duplicate addresses.

It evaluates which emails may have the same owner using a match strength score and removes duplicates using modifiers like plus signs or dots.

Connect your forms to the integrated API to verify emails in real-time and ensure data integrity.

Upload a CSV file with thousands of email addresses and verify them all at once, sorting by age, domain, and similarity.

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