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Enhance Gmail productivity with actionable email insights

About Email Meter

With so much going on in your email inbox, it’s easy to lose track of the important stuff. (“Sorry I forgot to close this loop, I got distracted by another Groupon roundup.”)

But when you’re using Gmail to run your business, you can’t afford to drop the ball or let opportunities pass you by.

If only there was a personalized email analytics tool that could measure important KPIs, so you can make strategic improvements for maximum productivity.

Say hello to Email Meter.

Email Meter is an email analytics platform that provides critical KPIs to maximize productivity for Gmail users.

Master Gmail productivity by turning email data into actionable insights

Email Meter analyzes your Gmail headers and metadata to create analytics reports with metrics like sent and received email volumes, top interactions, and busiest hours.

Simply connect this tool to your Gmail account to get statistics for two years of email usage. With this info, you can make strategic improvements right away!

You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the Gmail productivity metrics on the dashboard, with charts and graphs that help you understand your data.

Get lifetime access to Email Meter!

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