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AI business valuation software for startups

About Equitest

Harness the power of Al to generate secure and accurate Business Valuation Reports for any business…

Enter equitest.net, where you can discover, monitor, and optimize a business’s net worth in under 20 minutes… Without spending thousands of dollars on specialized firms or wasting a month doing all the legwork…

Peace of Mind Roll out your next round of funding with sheer confidence using professional reports and complete peace of mind.

AI Business Valuation Software for Startups

Automate and Scale You’ll have the freedom to automate data-intensive manual tasks and focus on what you do best, scale your business!

Reduce Errors Business appraisals can be time-taking, complex, and tricky, especially when done by hand.

Reduce the chances of human error and streamline the process by using technological solutions. Loved By Startup founders Easily prepare the necessary financial documents to attract investors.

Private investors Gauge a tech firm’s ability and how much of the equity should you secure against your investment.

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