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Last update 8 months ago

WordPress link shortener tracks conversions, boosts sales

About Exact Links

Navigating through a sea of links feels like trying to find your car in a mall parking lot on Black Friday. (Hint: it’s the one without the flashy, oversized bow).

But what if you could not only find your car but turn it into a limo, complete with a chauffeur of success at the wheel?

Imagine a tool that doesn’t just streamline your links but turns them into a full-fledged sales machine, armed with data and primed for profits.

Announcing Exact Links.

Exact Links is a smart plugin that converts your URLs into advanced tools for conversion tracking and sales boosting.

The WordPress link shortener that tracks conversions and boost sales

Link management has evolved beyond simply shortening long web addresses customized to match your branding, which Exact Links surely do…

BUT it’s also about discovering which efforts are converting into sales. Exact Links enables you to track conversions directly from your links (Woo & EDD integrations), plus it provides a wealth of additional data about your clicks and visitors such as where your audience is coming from, their devices, browsers, and operating systems. It’s like having your own personal link spyglass.

So why does this matter? Because understanding all this information helps you market more effectively. With Exact Links, your links aren’t just shorter; they’re smarter.

Get lifetime access to Exact Links!

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