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Make meetings interactive with this tool

About Feedbeo

Engage your audience and make meetings interactive with Feedbeo.

Say goodbye to complex and expensive tools for Q&A, Live Polls, All Hands meetings, Town halls, or team meetings. Our simple solution offers better engagement for all types of meetings, whether they’re in-person, hybrid, or remote.

Feedbeo is easy to use. You can create a Feedbeo link in just 30 seconds with all the features you need, like Q&A voting, live polls, or word clouds.

Make meetings interactive with this tool

Once you’ve created your link, simply share the hashtag #code via the QR code or in Slack, Whatsapp, or email. Every participant will feel connected thanks to the option to vote and express their opinion.

Our tool is perfect for a variety of use cases, including presentations or lectures, all-hands meetings or town halls, department or team meetings, events and conferences, education, and training.

It offers a range of benefits to People Ops and HR teams, managers, and leads out there.

With this tool, you can interact with your team at scale, ask for real-time feedback on business updates, get teammates buy-in, and extract the best ideas.

Get lifetime access to Feedbeo today!

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