Flatlogic Generator

Last update 5 months ago

Use AI to generate custom code for your business

About Flatlogic Generator

When you’re not a coder, developing custom software sounds like cruel and unusual punishment. (“Looks like I’m sentenced to syntax error purgatory.”)

And because building tools can cost thousands of dollars and take years to get off the ground, you’re already falling behind the competition.

Wish there was an AI-powered platform that could take you from concept to viable product in weeks, not months?

Introducing Flatlogic Generator.

It is an AI platform that generates code for custom software like CRMs and ERPs that you can deploy across platforms.

Use AI to generate custom code for your business

With plain English, Flatlogic Generator’s AI can instantly turn concepts into code, saving you hundreds of hours in development time.

Create apps or engineer your own CRM software that can process payments, offer virtual tours, engage new clients, and more.

You can go from kick-off to MVP in a month, with a fully realized plan that covers UX design, data models, test environment deployment, and everything in between.

Get lifetime access to Flatlogic Generator!

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