Flexi Domain

Last update 5 months ago

Run your app on multiple domains seamlessly with this tool

About Flexi Domain

Setting up multiple domains for your app or website isn’t easy. (“All these 404 errors are starting to add up into a 9-1-1.”)

If only there was a white-label tool that lets you integrate multiple custom domains with your app to elevate your brand’s messaging.

Say hello to Flexi Domain.

It is a white-label tool that lets you or your customers add multiple custom domains to your application.

Seamlessly run your application on multiple domains

Create custom client projects – With Flexi Domain, you can white label any domain—simply create a project for your main domain and then add alternative domains to point to it.

One application, multiple domains – You’ll be able to set different domains to display the same application or landing page in a snap.

Create custom redirects in seconds – Stop wasting time with clunky WordPress plugins or site code! You can set up custom redirections for any URL right from Flexi Domain.

Boost collaboration – Best of all, you can invite external users to create white-label domains and redirects on this tool.

Get lifetime access to Flexi Domain!

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