Generator Bootstrap 5

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Make web wireframes in seconds not days

About Generator Bootstrap 5

Bootstrap has made its mark in creating the best web tools available on the internet today. Not just that, each tool is better than the previous one.

Keeping up with the legacy here’s introducing an online web template creator to build a quick web prototype for your website!

Generator Bootstrap 5 is an online prototyping tool that will bring your wire-framing process to a new level! It is a browser-based online drag-and-drop Bootstrap v5 builder with powerful possibilities to create any pages for your business.

Simplify your work using 500+ ready-made blocks, and 30+ navigation panels. Not just that; export ready-to-publish HTML flat file in 1 sec.

Make web wireframes in seconds not days

Generator Bootstrap 5 includes blocks that you can easily mix & match in its interface, add & remove blocks, change positions, and download clean HTML code in a click

Ease of use – Create basic templates for 10 sites in the time it would take to hand-code one.

Time Saving – Time time time, save an average of 2–3 hours on a website with Generator.

Adaptability – It makes life easier, takes care of a lot of spadework, and saves time.

Bootstrap v.5 Base – We’ve built Generator on Bootstrap 5 using a clean code HTML, CSS, JS. You can easily customize it for your needs.

SEO Orientation – Every page of the theme gets 96+ on Google PageSpeed Insights. It means your SEO marketer will thank you.

Responsive Features – Pages are automatically adapted. We’ve made sure it looks great on all devices: desktops, tablets, and phones.

Get Generator Bootstrap 5 today!

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