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Make your online meetings more fun, engaging, and interactive

About GoBrunch

Keeping your virtual audience’s attention is tough, especially when they’re busy laughing at TikToks in another window. (“Oh, I just thought he was really excited about the Q4 roadmap.”)

If you wanna keep your attendees engaged instead of alt-tabbing away, you’ll need more options for connecting with them during online sessions.

What if there was a webinar platform that made it easy to interact with participants, host breakout rooms, and make the user experience more immersive?

Say hello to GoBrunch.

GoBrunch is a versatile webinar platform with a unique interface that provides more engagement and higher value for virtual attendees.

Make your online meetings more fun, engaging, and interactive

With Zoom fatigue running high, GoBrunch transforms the way you run virtual sessions.

The platform’s unique interface allows you to make virtual events more fun with interactivity and a user experience that mimics in-person events.

You’ll be able to host unlimited webinars inside of GoBrunch—no installation required for you or your attendees!

It only takes a few minutes to set up your virtual classroom with the immediate ability to screenshare with sound, enable your camera, and broadcast presenters.

Without interactive elements, webinars become another excuse for people to check out mentally and scroll through their inboxes. (“15% off patio furniture at Target, nice!”)

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