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Local business contact export from google maps

About Google Maps Scraper

Google Maps Scraper allows exporting local business contacts from Google Maps into a CSV/XLSX/Parquet/JSON file via the Outscraper platform.

 It supports enriching the data extracted from maps with emails, social links, and even more phones by using Email & Contacts Scraper. The contacts scraper looks for contacts in many sources: websites, FB groups, Google, and other public databases.

Generate lead databases, find new clients, find companies with negative reviews, monitor reviews, or analyze competitors by getting the local companies from the world’s largest database of small, medium, and big businesses.

Filter by the presence of phones, emails, or websites, in order to get a more targeted data set (you won’t be billed for ignored records).

Removes duplicates from the same task so you get only unique data even for many queries.

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