Google Search Results

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Get real-time SERP data

About Google Search Results

Google Search Results Scraper allows extracting SERP results into a CSV/Excel/JSON file without any coding skills.

Create a list of the keywords you want to search.

Write your list of keywords whose results you want to extract into the ‘Queries to search on Google’ box and get the results.

Why Scrape With Outscraper?

Reliability. Outscraper services are trusted by more than 5000 happy customers worldwide — from individuals to big enterprises.

Cutting-edge Technologies.Apply cutting-edge technologies to scraping in order to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Regular Updates.Our team keeps the software up to date so you can keep on scraping despite any site changes.

Limitless. All extractions are handled by Outscraper’s core which was specially designed to be able to handle millions of tasks simultaneously.

Cloud Scraping. Avoid getting your IP compromised by scraping the data via Outscraper cloud servers.


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