GoZen Content.Ai

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Create bulk content quickly with 100+ pre-built templates

About GoZen Content.Ai

You wish you could be a content-creating machine, but you’re only human. (“I, Robot? More like I, Sleepy.”) Even if you could write content at a record pace, climbing to the top of those search results takes even more effort and expertise. Enter GoZen Content.Ai. It uses AI to generate unique SEO content and graphics for any platform at scale.

Pre-built templates help you create content quickly

You can use AI to find keywords for your content and start improving your search engine rankings. Just enter a few details about your business, and GoZen Content.Ai will research keywords and topics trending in your industry. Generate relevant keywords, or expand on keywords you’re already using, and plug them into your content. You’ll be able to see the average search volume and competition, as well as target specific countries, languages, or topics in your research. Use templates and the GoZen Content.Ai Chrome extension to create SEO-friendly content for any platform in minutes.


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