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Collect new facebook group member answers

About Group Collector

Are You Ready To Automate New Facebook Group Members Onboarding?

What If You Could Collect Emails From Your Facebook Group Members And Convert Them Into Leads In Your Email Marketing Software On Autopilot Without Wasting Time & Money?

Group Collector allows you to Collect New Facebook Group Member Answers Into Google Sheet And Email Marketing Software With Just One Click.

Connect unlimited Facebook Groups

You can create unlimited Facebook groups in the Group Collector dashboard where you are an admin or moderator. You can then configure all settings for your group through the dashboard.

Attach Google Sheet With Your Group

After you have created your group in Group Collector, you can attach Google Sheet where all member’s data will be added instantly. You only need to paste your google sheet URL in the Group Collector.

Attach Your Email Marketing Software

Connect your Email Marketing Software with your group in Group Collector to send member emails. It Supports 20 Email Marketing Software and counting direct integrations.

View Group Member Answers

You can view all of your approved group member answers and other valuable data on this tool. All of this data will also be added to your Google Sheets.

Auto Approval

You can auto-approve new Facebook Group members based on different criteria without a single click.

It will automatically open a new tab after specific intervals approve members that meet your specific criteria. This feature is optional.

The Group Collector Lifetime Deal is available now!

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