HDR 9 Project

Last update 1 year ago

Create high resolution images

About HDR 9 Project

You clicked a picture, you went home, and you realized you did not get the perfect shot! Happens to the best of us.

But, relax! Meet HDR 9 Project. HDR technology gets the best possible exposure from difficult exposure situations by combining different exposure levels.

With the new, revised presets, you can also get difficult lighting conditions under control.

Create High-Resolution Images

The finest details, bright colors, and an overwhelming richness, in contrast, will inspire you.

Load your images into HDR 9 Project and let the program put together the bracketing series.

Then simply choose a suitable image from more than 212 suggested images or edit the resulting image further according to your personal taste.

Halos are a common evil in the HDR photography world.

Not anymore if use the new feature, HDR-Fusion Stacking! With this sensational new tool, annoying halos don’t appear in the first place and you can fully concentrate on editing the image.


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