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Ultra-fast, secure, scalable web hosting

About HyperHost

Do you know what is one of the most important factors of a well converting website?

It is website speed!

If you have a loading speed higher than 3 seconds, your conversion rate drops with a whopping 25%.

So, chances are you’re wasting money everyday.

Often these issues are likely to be related to your webhosting.

HyperHost Is Up To 10 Times Faster Than The Competitors

Faster support, faster websites, global replication, and an awesome backup system all comes as standard with HyperHost.

With a Global CDN & 100% Samsung Enterprise SSD storage you get the fastest hosting experience available.

HyperHost cloud hosting platform offers busy sites the resources of an entire platform, not just a single server: a true cloud.

Super Fast And Made For WordPress

While you can use our Linux platform for WordPress, we’d recommend you use our Managed WordPress platform for the best performance. Includes automatic updates and WordPress Tools.

Fully Safe & Secure With The HyperHost Security Suite

Don’t worry about breaches or attacks. HyperHost offers a fully secure experience with their Security Suite:

Automatic Malware Scans, DDoS Protection, FTP Security Lock, Brute Force Login Protection, Website Password Manager, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Block visitors by IP or Country, File Permissions Checker, Hotlink Protection, Web Application Firewall.

Fully Suited With All The Tools And Features You May Ever Need

Trusted By 1200+ Developers And Business Owners Worldwide

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