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All-in-one AI text & speech toolkit

About Jott

Save time and get fast, professional text extraction, translation, and text to speech AI tools with Jott – All-In-One AI Text and Speech Toolkit.

It is an AI powered transcription tool that allows you to extract text from images & PDF’s, turn text into speech, turn speech & voice recordings into text and translate content into any language.

It uses machine learning to transform spoken words into written text seamlessly.

All-In-One AI Text & Speech Toolkit

Text Extraction: Extract any text, in any language from images and PDF’s using this tool. Jott will even pull data and re-create lists, forms, tables & more.

Speech to Text: Turn text into realistic spoken word in any language and read by almost any voice style.

Text to speech: Transcribe voice recordings or even record live using this tool.

Translation: It offers ‘true to local’ language translation. Translate any text from any language into another with the confidence that the translation is 100% accurate.

Easy to use: It is easy to use, even for those with no experience with AI tools.

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