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Create and monetize AI characters

About Kamoto

Have you ever imagined yourself to have a digital twin that acts and thinks just like you? With Kamoto AI, you can create one for yourself!

Kamoto AI  is an AI platform that allows users to create, train, and monetize their virtual AI characters or personalities. It offers various applications, from personal use to professional integration across various industries.

It offers tools to train your AI characters and personalities, enabling them to behave in desired ways.

Moreover, Kamoto.AI extends its offering to celebrities and influencers, allowing them to license authorized AI personas of themselves.

Create and monetize AI Characters

Monetization: It allows you to earn by renting out your AI chatbots on a per-usage basis, creating a unique digital marketplace for AI characters.

360° degree use case: It offers AI characters and personalities with versatile applications across gaming, entertainment, education, and healthcare, broadening the platform’s scope and usability.

Personalized AI Development: It allows you to create AI chatbots tailored to your needs.

Advertising and Promotions: It allows businesses to rent AI versions of celebrities for promotions and lets celebrities use their AI replicas for personal branding and endorsements.

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