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A headless cms for your marketing website with built-in cdn

About Kernex

Building a blog to fit your website’s look and feel sounds easy, but it could be time-consuming and require a lot of resources. Looking for a solution?

Say hello to Kernex.

Kernex is here to help, to offer you an all-in-one solution for your custom-made blog.

Our headless CMS will allow you to create your blog in no time by offering you everything you need: a platform to publish your articles, a CDN to host your media files, an API to fetch your blog posts, and much more.

A headless CMS for your marketing website with built-in CDN

Our built-in CDN will speed up your website, by delivering the assets faster, closer to where your users are.

This aspect is critical to all modern content websites, and you can rest assured that your website won’t be affected in a bad way by the media you upload.

The Media Library allows you to easily manage all your assets in a single place, as well as re-use them across all your content. You can upload your media, and search it later.

Get lifetime access to Kernex!

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