Keyword Zebra

Last update 3 months ago

Discover new SEO competitors and parasites

About Keyword Zebra

Undiscovered SEO competitors ranking for your targeted keywords can be a problem. You need a tool to identify newly created websites that rank alongside yours. that’s why we bring you – 

Keyword Zebra – SEO Chrome Extension

It is an SEO Chrome extension that scans search engine results pages (SERPs) to identify newly created websites with low authority ranking for specific keywords.

This SEO tool provides you with crucial data about these newly created websites and highlights –

  • potential competitors
  • potential clients
  • link building prospects
  • parasite pages from the top 100 results for the keywords you search. 

Furthermore, It simplifies keyword difficulty analysis by incorporating website age into its metrics. This unique feature allows you to evaluate your competition with greater precision.

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