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Last update 12 months ago

AI for keyword research, SEO content creation, and SERP tracking

About KeywordCaddy

KeywordCaddy is a one-in-all SEO writing tool with keyword research, content writing (including both DIY and AI capabilities), and SERP tracking.

Unlike other tools, KeywordCaddy provides you with the data you need to make the decisions and create unique SEO-optimized content while allowing you to leverage AI technology to deliver the work quickly.

It helps online content writers create SEO-optimized articles quickly and easily and track the results of the work over time.

Create SEO-optimized content and track SERP results

It includes three different and critical but complementary modules:

  • The keyword research module.
  • The content writing module (with Theo, our AI Writer).
  • The SERP tracking module.

Being able to use all three in a single SEO tool allows you to research and find competitive keywords, create the content (or have Theo write it for you), and track SERP results over time of your work.

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