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Simplify social media marketing with these AI tools

About Kuasar Video

When just about anything can go viral these days, it’s hard to know what factors should shape your marketing strategy. (“Seems like all we need is a recipe, typing ASMR, and a puppy.”)

More important than all those gimmicks is the data that reveals what lands with your target audience—if only you could analyze it.

Good thing there’s an AI tool that can pull insights from thousands of high-performing videos on social media in just a few minutes.

Introducing Kuasar Video.

Kuasar Video is an AI tool that can analyze thousands of videos on social media and pull insights for your marketing.

Simplify social media marketing with these AI tools

Getting started with Kuasar Video is simple! Just add your TikTok or Instagram accounts to start analyzing thousands of videos.

From there, the AI will automatically score videos using parameters like views, likes, comments, duration, and followers—and give you an entire breakdown.

That means you’ll get an inside scoop on video performance, audience behavior, and trends right at your fingertips.

The dashboard lets you access data on video performance, including the best days to post for maximum engagement.

Get lifetime access to Kuasar Video!

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