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Automate data extraction with 20+ AI models

About Kudra

A stack of financial reports isn’t an exciting read. (“0/10 wouldn’t recommend. But will probably have to read again.”)

Since time is money, you can’t afford to spend all day picking apart contracts, tables, and unstructured documents to find the data you need.

What if an AI platform could automate the whole process to help you reduce errors, save on operational costs, and improve efficiency?

Meet Kudra.

Kudra is an AI platform that can analyze and extract info from any document, like contracts, bank statements, invoices, and reports.

Automate document processing and data extraction

Using the visual workflow builder, you can build a custom workflow to analyze unstructured documents and extract the data you need.

Kudra’s AI can process loads of document types, including PDFs, CSVs, payslips, Word docs, and even images.

Choose from a variety of OCR engines to parse anything from tables to handwritten notes to schematics.

After processing, you’ll be able to export data to various endpoints like Dropbox, QuickBooks, and Google Sheets.

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