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Last update 1 year ago

A smart way to save and share your research

About Kurator

Whether you want to centralize access to information for your projects (webpages, emails, app files, web documents), or share your web research Kurator is for you! It will save you time every day looking for information and lets you quickly index and finds any link you have saved instantly! It also makes it easy to publish your research on your website, newsletter, and social media channels.

Organize and publish your content instantly

With Kurator’s advanced scraping capabilities, you can effortlessly capture information from any webpage, edit headlines, save images, and add descriptions, author, publisher, date, and content tags for easy reference. You can save YouTube and Twitter posts by clicking the like button, and they will automatically be added to your app. You can share access to folders and collaborate with your colleagues. With the carousel links, you can select the content you want to display via your carousel using the publisher, author, and content tags and then generate the RSS link for your embed code.


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