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Automatically find and attract local agency clients to you

About LeadsGorilla

Now is the Best Time in History to Start an Agency Business and Help Others

Especially If You’ve Never Done This Before…

Businesses Are Struggling

There’s been tons of softwares launched that help agencies provide services to local marketers.

But, nothing groundbreaking has come out that helps find targeted, struggling clients and gets them to work with you in the first place.

That’s why so many local businesses owners are panicking and struggling to keep their stores open.

But, You Can Be the Hero (No Experience Needed)

Wouldn’t it be great to have smart technology that can land these struggling businesses and get them excited to work with you?

Wouldn’t it be great to help them and their families, while making a monthly income by selling them exactly what they need to survive?

Well, we’ve developed the most sophisticated all-in-one solution with proprietary technology that can identify their problems, generate the most sophisticated lead reports, and close them with advanced email technology.

LeadsGorilla Can Help All These Businesses Struggling from the Crisis Today

Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Healthcare, Legal, Hotels, Hair Dresser, Gyms, Mechanic, Pet Shops, Roofers, Local Bands.

  • Finds Targeted Leads from Facebook Pages, Facebook Places, and Google Maps for You
  • Identifies and Analyzes  Google My Business and FB Ranking Factors for Any Local Business
  • Proprietary LeadsScore Technology Identifies Profitable and Easy-to-Sell Clients For You
  • Finds Unclaimed Google My Businesses Pages to Sell to Clients
  • Works in Any Language and Any Country
  • Generates & Downloads the Most Advanced Print-on-Demand Optimization PDF Reports for Facebook & Google My Business Ranking Factors
  • Built-in Email Technology with Proven Swipes Customizes, Contacts, and Lands the Clients

Here are Just Some of the Game-Changer Features in LeadsGorilla Other Local Apps Don’t Have

  • Get Clients from Facebook and Google
  • View Advanced Data About Each Lead Before Saving Them
  • Custom LeadsScore Secret Algorithm Technology
  • Sort By Claimed/Unclaimed Listings and Many Other Filters
  • Generate the Most Advanced Facebook Reports
  • Generate The Most Advanced GMB Reports
  • Download PrintReady PDF Reports For Leads
  • Email Technology Swipes and Placeholders Automation
  • Organize Campaigns and Manage Leads.

Get LeadsGorilla today!

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