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An AI platform to plan, research, create, and export content

About Learnitive

Learnitive is an AI-powered interactive platform for academics, copywriters, and education agencies.

Learnitive is an advanced AI writer that allows you to create Copyscape AI text contents, executable programming codes, and vector illustrations like flowcharts, UML, and much more.

It allows users to search for a key in millions of academic papers, Wikipedia entries, and Pexels images and insert references or embed them as required.

It also has 100+ AI prompts that may be further used to tune the AI output.

Finally, it lets you export beautifully-crafted PDF files.

Say hello to Learnitive!

At Learnitive, writers can easily collaborate on posts, share knowledge, and receive feedback to increase their growth factor and success.

What makes Learnitive different?

The fact of the matter is, most of the AI writers are similar in terms of technology; they provide a textpad and allow one to grab content from OpenAI or similar AI GPTs, and that’s it.

Interactivity, curation of knowledge, and learning opportunities are limited in those tools – e.g., no sandbox & no research or fact-checking options, just to name a few limitations.

In contrast, Learnitive not only allows you to create with AI, but also enables you to Copyscape each and every paragraph (use your own Copyscape API key) and create and execute codes and OS commands right inside the AI writer!

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