Live home 3D Pro

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Elevate your home with the best design software

About Live home 3D Pro

You’re looking to redesign or renovate your home, but you just don’t have the most intuitive eye when it comes to “seeing change” so to speak.

You are far from alone here, which is why Live Home 3D Pro was created.

Live home 3D Pro helps you build from the ground up, from something as simple as a shed or living room to a complete skyscraper.

Design Advanced 2D Floor Plans

Start your home design project by drawing a 2D floor plan using intuitive, point-and-click drafting tools.

In addition to standard tools, Pro edition offers a number of instruments for advanced drawing.

Elevation View

Explore the 2D side view of your house design. Insert panels, niches or openings into a wall or a roof side.

Adjust doors and windows or arrange furniture inside the house.

Material Editor

Create more complex custom materials with reflective and glossy surfaces for your interior design projects.

Light Editor

Add a custom light source to any object and take full control over light attenuation, glow, and direction.

Seamless SketchUp Pro Integration

Edit objects in your design project using SketchUp Pro and seamlessly send changes back to the app.*

Export Options

Render your movie tracks to high-quality, Ultra HD video files at 3840 x 2160 and 60 FPS.

Whether you’re just a homeowner looking to change things up, or a contractor with some major clients lined up, Live Home can help you envision a finished product.


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