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Store & manage your passwords and data in one secured vault

About Locker

Store your passwords, manage sensitive data, fill in forms, and log into your favorite sites with just one click. Locker is a cross-platform password manager that helps users secure sensitive data such as passwords, secret notes, payment cards, and online identities. It stores passwords and autofill information for popular websites, logs you into your favorite sites, and scans for data breaches to ensure that your privacy is protected. It also offers additional features to enhance your browsing experiences like password autofill, item sharing, and more.

Manage Your Passwords and Data in One Secured Vault

Military-grade encryption – AES-256bit encryption combined with PBKDF2 & RSA algorithm makes your data un-crackable. Master Password – A key to decrypt your data. Zero-knowledge architecture – Your Master Password is only yours. Nobody, even CyStack can see it. Open-source – Everyone can inspect Locker’s source code. Sync across devices – Once you add, edit, or remove items in your Locker on a device, the data will be synced across all other devices.


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