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Minimalistic markdown notepad

About MadNotes

Are you looking for a simple, private, and powerful note-taking app? If so, then you need MadNotes PRO –  Markdown Notepad.

It is a minimalistic markdown notepad that is always at hand. It is private by design, and it offers a variety of features to help you take notes, organize your thoughts, and stay productive.

It is for anyone who uses a browser in their work. It is designed to give them quick access to notes within the browser.

Minimalistic Markdown Notepad

Rich text formatting: Delightful writing experience with intuitive markdown.

Synchronization: Available on every device and every major browser.

Unlimited docs: Limitless space for your creativity. MadNotes holds all your notes.

Security by default: Stored locally or hashed in the cloud with a key only you know.

Dark & Light Mode: Instant eye relief? We have a color scheme just for you.

Privacy Settings: No more sneak peeks. Be confident while sharing your screen as notes boots up blurred.

This extension transforms every new browser tab into a productive space for note-taking, content storing, and on-the-fly editing.

Get lifetime access to MadNotes today!

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