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Last update 4 weeks ago

High-precision email verification for every need

About MailSentry is designed to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your email lists, whether for individual or bulk verification.

Improve your email marketing with fast validation, advanced filtering, and domain analysis.

Maintain clean email lists with easy integration and direct inbox delivery.

Tailored for both individual and team use, simplifies operations with profile setup, credit sharing, and real-time validation tracking.

Ideal for marketing professionals, agencies, and small businesses, offering an alternative to and ZeroBounce.

Seamless integration with APIs, Gmail, HubSpot, Webhooks, and WordPress.

Optimize campaigns with tools that check email formatting, detect typos, and validate SMTP to ensure delivery to active servers.

Advanced API integration for rapid processing and easy management, supporting diverse applications.

Real-time webhook updates provide instant alerts on validation status and automate responses.

Simplify email management with drag-and-drop uploads and real-time tracking, ensuring quality standards.

Enhance team collaboration with features like credit sharing and efficient account management.

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