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A powerful suite of writing tools assembled in one program

About MasterWriter

MasterWriter is a powerful collection of writing tools, references, and organization assembled in one easy-to-use program.

Why struggle to find the right word when you can have all the possibilities in an instant?

Their Word Families dictionary is like having a thesaurus on steroids. Looking for a more creative way to describe a hot sun? A Thesaurus will give you burning, blazing, scorching, torrid, etc.

Word Families doesn’t stop there, it will give you an angry, punishing, glaring, merciless, fierce, or unforgiving sun. You can replace beautiful with words like breathtaking, flawless, unforgettable, and dazzling.

A Powerful Suite of Writing Tools Assembled in One Program

Word Families: A unique and revolutionary reference dictionary that will open up a new world of possibilities for descriptive words, far beyond what you will find in a thesaurus.

Extended: Replaces the search word in a more creative & imaginative way.

Synonyms: The best Thesaurus on the market.

Phrases: A phrases dictionary with over 33,000 phrases, sayings, and word combinations. Your own personal ideal factory allows you to search by any word contained in the phrase.

Speech Types: Gives you all of the different figures of speech plus Intensifiers, a collection of intense descriptive words.

Rhymes: A Rhyming dictionary with over 100,000 entries and 36,000 Rhymed Phrases.

Filters: Allows you to be specific in your searches.

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