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Add AI-powered live polls to your presentations

About MeetMoji

Break through the blank stares and black boxes and transform your one-way presentations into engaging conversations.

MeetMoji works for any audience type — whether they’re online, in-person, or both.

For work – Maximize the value of your work-related meetings. Gather valuable input, feedback, and insights from your colleagues to make better more inclusive decisions.

For education – Enhance learning outcomes and engage every student in the classroom.

Add AI-powered live polls to your presentations

With MeetMoji, you can enable everyone to participate in your polls, whether they’re in person, online, or both simultaneously.

There’s no app to download and no account needed to log in.

Ensuring every voice is heard can be challenging, especially when brainstorming with both virtual and in-person audiences simultaneously.

Now, with our Open-Ended Questions feature, you can effortlessly gather feedback or brainstorm ideas from everyone, making inclusive collaboration possible.

Get lifetime access to MeetMoji!

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