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Automate sending emails using gmail, google sheets, & docs

About Mergo

Mergo is the 1st email campaign tool built on the new generation of Google add-ons that automate the sending of emails using Gmail, Google Sheets, and Docs. It can help you send: lead-generation campaigns, school report cards (with personalized attachments), marketing newsletters, event invitations, promotional offers, email greetings, wedding invitations, and more!

Email Template Personalization

Add merge fields like {{First Name}} to your Gmail draft to personalize your email content, subject line, links, images, and more!

Gmail & Google Sheets Integration

With its seamless integration with Gmail, It makes it easy for you to send a mail merge with very high deliverability. Simply compose your draft in Gmail and launch your email campaign from your Google Sheets!

Mail Merge With Attachments

Upload your files in a Google Drive folder, add the file title next to each recipient in your Google Sheets and Mergo will automatically add your attachments to your email. Perfect for sending invoices, invitations, coupons …

Email Tracking

Use it to improve your next email campaigns. Right from your Google Sheets, track who opens, clicks, and responds to your emails in real time. Mergo also automatically records any bounces and unsubscribes.


Increase conversions with our scheduling feature and make sure to reach your audience when they’re the most available by selecting the best date and time in Mergo to deliver your email campaign.


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