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The only task management tool you will need

About NativeTasks

There are two ways to be really productive. Writing down your ideas with pen & paper, choosing the tools to use to get your work done, etc. is one way.

The other way is to start adding the tasks that need to be completed in your Task Management Tool, and delegating them to your team.

Which one do you think is more efficient? (No prize for the guesses!)

Introducing NativeTasks

It is the World’s Simplest, Easy to Use & Highly Efficient Task Management Tool built for you to get the work done.

Getting Started with NativeTasks is really Easy

Login to your account, and create a task just like you would fill up a form. Choose your teammate who you want to assign the task to.


If you are like Charlie (our mascot) who wants to keep it simple, but still want all the important information to be added to a task (priority level, category, etc.), then NativeTasks still got you covered.

The app is loaded with 3 different templates for you to create, assign & get the tasks done at ease.

The native integration with Google Sheets is the icing on the cake.

You can add the tasks without having to login to your NativeTasks account, and you can export the status of your projects real-time.

Get the NativeTasks Lifetime Deal today!

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