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Remove unwanted objects in your photos

About NEAT projects

Always wanted to create those perfect photos – without people walking through the photo? Now no more waiting for the perfect moment where you can take the photo without annoying tourists!

Tada… We have finally discovered the secret tool to remove unwanted objects in your photos.

Now enjoy shooting attractions, squares, and parks without annoying tourists. Always have a clear view of your motif, even in crowded spaces.

NEAT Projects  – The Secret Tool To Remove Unwanted Objects In Your Photos.

Image Composing Module

With the composing module, you can easily add a more beautiful sky into your scene to perfect the image.

With up to four composing levels at your disposal, there are no limits for creativity.  The result is a completely new image impression.

Exposure Prediction

It is a new procedure for the automatic exposure correction of image sequences used by NEAT Projects PRO. Exposure differences of the individual images are automatically balanced out so that the result is even more accurate.

Additionally, the exposure series can also be loaded with this feature if the exposure differences between the individual images are not that big.

Fusion Profiles – Now you can create, save, and load your own movement fusion profile.

Images Import

You can choose to upload images using the file menu.

When attempting to upload only one or two images, a notification will appear stating that an image sequence must include three images or more in order for the program to successfully complete motion detection.

Additional RAW formats Support

NEAT projects is continuously developed in order to adapt to the market with the number of supported RAW formats.

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